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Nate truly is the best!! One of our friends had him as their wedding videographer and we fell in love with his work (and him) after seeing their video. We watch our video over and over and over again. It was everything we could have imagined and more. You can tell he loves what he does. If you are looking for a wedding videographer to capture your entire day on film, he is the one for you!! Very personable and very funny. Thanks Nate!!



If you are looking for the best, Nathaniel is it! I have been waiting many years to have him be part of my special day. Being in the wedding hair industry, I always hear from so many of my brides that they wish they had spent the money for a videographer. That it is crucial for you to be able to re-watch and enjoy your day forever. I first met Nathaniel on a past brides wedding day and when I saw her wedding video it blew me away. I wouldn't have wanted it any other way. He is incredible to work with. I HIGHLY recommend him for anyone getting married, you will NOT be disappointed. Thank you again so much Nathaniel for being part of my day!



All we can say is- WOW! We are absolutely in love with our May 15th, 2016 wedding recap and full videos by Nate Armstrong at Reaching Roots. Just as expected, we are absolutely thrilled with the footage Nate and his team captured of our special day. We knew of Nate and his team from friends whom married in October of 2012. We relived every moment while watching and his amazing edits vividly displayed our story as perfectly as we remember. Nate and his team are extremely professional, organized and timely. They deliver within the time frame they outline in the wedding contract and seemingly, even faster! We highly recommend Reaching Roots for your wedding videography needs. You will not be disappointed!!

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  1. Video is the #1 thing wedding couples regret compromising. Talk to some married couples about video and you’ll hear it from them!
  2. After months of planning, your wedding is a whirlwind of a day, and it’s over in a heartbeat. Video and photos capture your day so you can enjoy it again and again.
  3. Photos are great, but only with video can you hear your spouse reciting his/her vows, listen to toasts, relive humorous moments, and see your loved ones moving, laughing, talking, and dancing.
  4. You can only be in one place at a time on your wedding day, but your videographers are your extra eyes and ears. Video will capture the parts of your wedding day that you didn’t get to experience (your spouse getting ready separate from you; your cocktail hour while you were off taking photos).
  5. Your guests should focus on celebrating and enjoying the moment, not watching your wedding through an iPhone screen. Leave the recording to the professionals and give your guests a break!
  6. Quality matters. You need skilled technicians and professional equipment to get the best shots and high-quality sound. Your wedding day only happens once -- if you end up with shaky video and muffled voices, you don’t get to redo it.
  7. Editing is an art. Your wedding video should be engaging and inspiring to you as well as to a “regular” viewer. With a well-edited video, you won’t want to fast-forward through anything.
  8. People who can’t make it to your wedding will love to experience the event through a high-quality video.
  9. This is a moment in your family history. Imagine watching your parents’ and your grandparents’ wedding videos today -- how special would it be to see your older relatives in their youth? Someday your kids, nieces/nephews, and grandkids will be honored to watch your video!
  10. Having video of your loved ones is a special gift. When family members pass away someday, you will be grateful to have video that captures their movements and voices at a joyful time.

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